Archery is the hobby I have been doing the longest: off and on since I was in grade school, and seriously since my senior year in high school, when my parents got me an Outers Astro Blazer for Christmas in my senior year in high school. I am a member of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and the Rhode Island Field Archery Association (RIFAA).


Shooting Style:

My shooting style is pretty conventional: feet perpendicular to the target, back tension set, and elbow slightly flexed. The only unusual part is that I trigger the Fletchmatic release with my middle finger. It isn't quite as itchy to shoot as my forefinger.

I don't have the money to buy a scope, so I either shoot Bow Hunter Freestyle outdoors, or if I'm feeling brave, put a level and a glow pin on the sight, and a long stabilizer, and shoot against the scope shooters. Indoors I go ahead and shoot freestyle, since the scope isn't much of a difference at 20 yards.


I shoot a second-hand 1993 Hoyt Provantage Medalist, which is a terrific target bow. It's not particularly fast, so it's not a great 3D bow, but it is very forgiving and tack-driving accurate (as long as I do my part!) when the range is known.


Easton 2114, 31" long, with 75gr target points.


An old 2nd hand Accra; nothing fancy, but it doesn't move when I set it, and that's all you can ask of a sight. On it, I can put either a 5-pin mount for Bowhunter Freestyle, or a movable mount for Freestyle.

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