I only recently discovered bonsai. It requires amazing patience, because your creations only happen at nature's pace, not at Pentium speeds.

This is a lousy picture of my beautiful Grewia Occidentalis (Starflower), which is still in the raw material stage, and hasn't had any training, except for minor pruning. It has beautiful 5-pointed purple flowers through the summer and fall.

This is my wife's Chinese Elm, which had a little training before we bought it, but it was rather crude. We are letting it grow while we decide what to do with it.

At the left is our first bonasi, an Australian Brush Cherry, which my wife wanted for mother's day of 1995.

I love oak trees, so my next project is to try again to grow an oak grove from acorns which fell in my yard. I tried this year, and it was looking pretty good until the squirrels got into it and dug up every one of the acorns, killing the seedlings which were sprouting from them. Next spring I'll try again, but will come up with something to protect them from the squirrels.

I am always open to constructive comments and suggestions, either positive or negative.

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