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My rides page has some maps and descriptions of my favorite rides.

My pictures page with some cool pictures of various types that are related to bicycling, which I've come across in my explorations of the WWW.

My bike stable, with pictures of each of my current bikes.

At the bottom of this page are a few pictures of my Fuji Touring, which I bought in September of 2003, and spent a couple of months setting up to match my style of riding.

Then I started adding stuff:

It's my only bike which really fits me, so it has to do all the jobs: riding to the store for milk (hence the rack), riding for exercise, riding for enjoyment, and running the local citizen's races (hence the aero bars and disk wheel covers).

Update 2/15/04: Since the above was written, I've made three more mods:

Update 3/12/04: After getting my first on-the-road flat, which required me to pump up my spare tube with the mini pump, I decided that the pump was inadequate for the job. I was only able to get the tire up to about 60 psi, and it's rated for a minimum of 90. I normally ride it at 120 psi. So on the recommendation of my LBS, I got a new Zefal HPx frame pump. It's bigger and heavier to carry, but it was able to pump the tire up to 90 psi with no problems. I stick it under the tube; it's spring loaded, and fits between the head tube and the seat tube. The mini pump would be fine for a MTB, though, since it moves quite a bit of air.

Update 2/18/05: After another year of riding, totaling over 3000 miles, I've made a few more adjustments to my set up, but nothing dramatic:

Update 6/30/06: More adjustments and miscellaneous notes:

This is an overall view, taken before heading out for a ride which ended up being about 1.1km short of a metric century in mid-November of 2003. My Fuji Touring

These are the wheel covers I whipped up out of a 2' by 4' piece of laminating material from Home Depot. Cutting them to an outer diameter of exactly 24" lets the disks rest on the aero-section rims (Alex Rims X-2100) just below the braking surfaces, giving an almost perfectly even surface from the tire, over the rims, and all the way across the disks. I believe this gives me better aero characteristics than any commercial wheel cover I've seen. Not that it matters with all the other stuff hanging off the bike ;-). The disks are held on with small zip ties which makes it something of a pain to put them on, but quite easy to remove them. The joint is covered with white duct tape, and the valve cutout was sized specifically to let me get either of my pumps (floor or mini) on the valve. By the way, these are just an experiment to see how they would work; they don't stay on permanently, and may not even ever go back on. Home made disk wheel covers

This one shows my homemade computer mount; just a wooden dowel with the ends filed into concave cylindrical shapes, and holes drilled near each end to allow attachment with zip ties. Home made computer mount

A view from the front: Front view

A view from the rear: Rear view

Guess who! Guess who!

Thanks to Rick Onanian for the pictures!

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