The Bottom to top of RI ride originated in 2004 after I read a post on a bicycling newsgroup which prompted me to ask on the NBW mailing list how far a ride it would be to ride from the lowest point in the state (sea level) to the highest point. Somebody answered that the highest point was Jerimoth Hill in the northwest part of the state, and it was about 30 miles from the closest sea level area which had decent bicycling roads. Alan Barta then designed a nice route from Goddard Park in East Greenwich, and John Kilguss wrote up a cue sheet for it. One thing led to another, and with some prompting from John Rohland we ended up deciding to do it on Saturday, July 3 2004, which was one of only 5 days out of the year that the highest point was open to the public; while the actual highest point area is owned by Brown University, it is accessible only by crossing private property. John also was kind enough to arrow the route, so we had a very nice ride. When we got out in the area, Paula Johnson, who knows the area well, suggested a slight modification to the route which took us off the main road, and routed us through an area with a much more rural character. That became a standard optional route in following years.

Past reports and pictures from the ride:

Maps, directions and cue sheets for the ride: