New Year's eve 2006 started out cold and clear. Two of us planned on leaving the Kingston train station at 5:45 for our 3rd year of New Year's sunrise rides; I had posted messages to Topica about the ride, but got no responses. I left my house at 4:50 to ride to the start, planning on getting a metric century in. I pulled into the station at 5:40, and John was just finishing setting up; he had driven to the start because he got a late start, and would have been late getting there if he had ridden. We headed down the bike path right at 5:45, with temperatures of about 25, and a few scattered spots of frost and ice on the path. The sky was just starting to brighten as we approached Wakefield, and from there the sky lit up quickly, and by the time we got to the end of the bike path, we no longer needed our lights except to help be seen by drivers.

Our first waypoint was Pt Judith to watch the sun rise over Narragansett Bay. As we came down Pt Judith Rd (Rt 108), we could tell that we had some time to spare, so we decided to go down the Galilee escape road and make a loop through Great Island. Then we headed to Pt Judith, arriving there about 5 minutes before the sun came up. I took a few pictures, and we watched the sun gradually raise itself above the horizon. Then we headed up Ocean Rd at a leisurly pace. A pair of ducks in a pond beside the road caught my camera's attention along the way. By the time we got up around Rt 138, my knees were starting to complain; I think I should have worn my "wind-front" tights, to keep my knees warmer. Not wanting to push things too hard, and already having about 45 miles for the day, I decided to head back, while John continued on back to the train station.

A beautiful morning for a ride; I got about 50 miles in and was home by 9:00 AM! A few tidbits: my water bottle with extra-strong gatorade didn't freeze at all, while John's bottles of plain water got to the point where he could hardly get anything out of it. My Camelbak of plain water worn under my outer layer didn't freeze either, and in fact stayed fairly warm throughout the ride.

A few pictures I took along the way:

Ducks at dawn

More ducks

From the Great Island bridge

Another one from the Great Island bridge

The horizon at Pt. Judith just before sunrise

Another one just before sunrise

Just before the sun peeks over the horizon

Other views of Pt Judith

Other views of Pt Judith #2

Other views of Pt Judith #3

Other views of Pt Judith #4

The sun half-way up

The sun has just risen